Horde of the Dragon Queen

Chapter 2
The Raider's Camp

The next morning the party were assembled by Governor Nighthill to be officially thanked for their services and he also requested their services again.
Each person brave enough to follow

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Adventure Log
An unabridged tale of unlikely heroes saving the world.

Welcome to my tale, I recorded this story for all to hear and i’ll sing it from Luskan to Amn until all know of what happened with the vile Dragon cult.

Chapter 1
Greenest in Flames!


The party were heading to Greenest on a merchant caravan, when they got within view of the town they quickly realized that it was under attack from a group of raiders and a large blue dragon.

The party after a brief discussion headed into the town to help. when they entered the town they came across a family under attack from kobolds. they rushed in and quickly killed the creatures while defending the family.

They agreed to help escort the family to the keep in the center of the town, everyone pushed on but in their next encounter they suffered great casualties, three party members suffered near fatal injuries Josef, Werner and Tyrosh were stabilized but unconscious.
Bran and Urist the Eel were left the get help for the rest of their companions, the pair sneaked through the back streets of the town using minor illusions along the way to help them sneak along, thanks to their cunning the wizard and bard got to the keep and where able to beg help from a healer. they where given a key to a hidden entrance to the key from the river.
they where lowered over the wall on ropes with a cleric. they sneaked back to the rest of the party and got everyone back on their feet.

on the way to the back the party ambushed a group of raiders and captured one for questioning.

The party got to the river and followed it until they found an old water run off, what looked like a metal bars was actually a hidden door. The party got in before getting found out but quickly realized that the floor was moving and they’d have to fight their way past giant nest of rats. In the fight Werner got covered in rats up to his chest but they managed to kill enough rats to scare off the remainder.

Inside the keep the party got to meet Governor Tarbaw Nighthill he thanked them for the family they saved and asked if they would be willing to assist the town.

The group ventured back out by the river passage towards the town mill to confront raiders who where spotted preparing fires at the main building. The party attacked but got a surprise when they realized this was all an ambush. the party fought on and managed to survive saving the town and it’s food supply for the coming months.

The party got back and began to rest, an hour later the blue dragon stepped up his attack on the keep and the party went to help, the dragon was breathing electricity on the guards killing many of them. the party picked up ranged weapons and tried to drive off the winged monster. after many small injuries the dragon flew away.

Things seemed to have calmed down when a tall half dragon marched toward the keep with prisoners. He demanded that the town produce a champion to fight him, Werner refused to see prisoners hurt and stepped forth. He fought his hardest but it was apparent from the beginning that this foe was much to powerful by half. Werner slashed the half dragon across the face but was stabbed viciously in return felling Werner on the spot.
Luckily local healers where able to stabilize him, when he came to Nighthill declared him the “Protector of Greenest”


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